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Monthly Archives: Junho 2008

Goodbye Lassie
Hello Bolt and Friends 😀

( hd fans 480p 720p 1080p )


Wall-E Meets…
Wall-E meets Bouncy BALLS!
Wall-E Meets A Magnet
Wall-E Meets Headphones
Wall-E Meets Vacuum Cleaner
Wall-E and Meets hula hoop

Wall-E Featurettes
Wall-E Featurette – “A Hero’s Journey”

Wall-E Featurette – Lots Of Bots
Wall-E Featurette – The man and the machine
Wall-E Featurette – Space journey in sound

All the above (including trailers .mov .wmv)

Meet Wall-E
Wall-E (animatronic)

Watch it while you can 😀